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What are the locators ?

HelloMaps Locators are additionals plugins necessary for geolocation of third-party components that do not allow saving the coordinates for the storage of the location (latitude and longitude).

If you want to show the coordinates of the saved marker on a Professional Map considering purchasing HelloMaps Professional or Geek version which includes all the locators and many other plugins.


HelloMaps Locator for Community Builder

HelloMaps Locator for Community Builder allows you to geo-localize on google maps the users of Community Builder. Each users can locate their position in the google map by editing their user profile details.

The user must fill the fields cb_city, cb_country, cb_address, cb_state, and will automatically generate the coordinates Latitude and Longitude needed for geolocation.

Note, this is a plugin that must be installed through the plugins management of Community Builder. When you install this plugin you add the map tab in member profile as in the screenshots


  • Single CB Locator
  • buy 19€

      • Support & Updates (3 months)
        for 1 Domain

    • Include:
    • HelloMaps Component
    • Module
    • All Plugins
    • Only CB Locator
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HelloMaps Locator for Community Builder is a plugin that work for Joomla joomla30

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Google Maps for Joomla!

HelloMaps is a Google Maps extension for Joomla with google maps component, module and plugins to display professional google maps for 3rd party joomla components.

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